Aztec horoscope

Aztecs were a mesoameriacan people of Mexico between 14th and 16th centuries. Great stories are told about aztec civilation, from their sacrificial culture to their expertise in mathematical and astrological areas.

Best known is aztec calender, what divides year into sequence of 20 days, thus making 18 months per year. The remaing five days were considered days of misfortune. Their calender’s annual circulation differs much from common calender and does not start over annually.

With this section, you can either find out your own aztec-birth horoscope or browse other horoscopes from below. You can also view the long count calendar. Sign is calculated with Tonalli, a day sign and does not include greater signs like Xihuitl (solar year) or Trecena (13-day period). Tonalli is considered to be most significant sign.

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To see what is your own mayan sign, select your birthdate from below

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Mayan birth-horoscope signs

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