Aura and colors

Aura, or sometimes described with the name life-force, is an energy what everything living emits. Humans, animals and even plants emit their energy outside from theirselves. This energy can be sensed by the most of the sensitive people and sometimes even observed visually in colors by the people with the keen senses. Usually the word “aura” refers to the colors of the energy field which everything that is alive emits, and sometimes it is used just to describe the whole concept of the living force.

Colors all together have been studied to have different kind of effects on humans in the both psychical and mental sense. This section provides information both of the aura as well as colors and color-healing. You can read the relevant articles from the article list below or browse different colors and their effects from the list below.

Articles about colors

What aura really is

What is color healing and color therapy

Different kind of colors and their effect

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