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The witches library is a online compedium of the all kind of knowledge used and needed in the field of the witchcraft and Wiccan path. As with all libraries, all information provided here is written by the individual practitioners of the craft and does not necessarily reflect ways or knowledge of the all the paths of the craft.

This section also works as a Online Book of Shadows as it contains any and all content which people may wish to add to their personal (non-web) book of shadows or diaries.

Library is divided into two major sections: First section contains all kind of useful resources for any spellcrafting, sabbaths or rituals. Second section focuses more on general information of the different kind of subjects. We will be adding more content as soon as we are able.

Please select your area of intrest from the left side of the screen under the Quick links for articles – topic. You can also select section you want from below.

If you have good suggestions which would improve this library to provide better content for all, please mention about it on our discussion board.


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