Pagan in Finland

Finland is quite a small country here in North, between Sweden and Russia. No, we aren’t a part of either, we are our own country, with our own president and government and all. We’re independent, kinda conservative people with a low selfesteem and strong feelings about our fatherland. Our official religion is christianity and most […]

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Witchy parenting

Being a parent isn’t always so easy, especially if you are not a part of the major religion and you live in a small and somehow concervative country. As a witch, I’ll raise my kids to walk the same path as I’m walking – so do the christians and catholics and so on and so […]

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Welcome to the new and reopened! Your online pagan resource and social network! is a all free pagan non-commercial networking and witchcraft social site for all your needs. We offer several different ways for all pagans and witches to contribute and communicate to and with their communities. We offer tools and channels for […]

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