Chinese horoscope

Ancient chinese astronomers called the five biggest planets with the names of the five elements; Venus was metal, Jupiter was wood, Mercury was water, Mars was fire and Saturn was earth. By the location of these planets and the moon, sun and comets the chinese horoscope was born and it determines everybodys life and fate. […]

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Zodiac horoscope

From ancient times man has been interested about different features and characteristics of humans and have been researching and studying each other from the beginning of civilized world. Even our great ancestors knew that there was something incommon with us if people had the same birthday and time. They also could predict what kind of […]

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Druid horoscope

Druids were anchient celtic priests who operated mainly in british and french areas. Regrettable is that there are no much information about anchient druids nowadays, because they shared their traditions by mouth-to-mouth instead of using literal archives. Druids were and are known as nature-loving people, who had much effects in northern british-isles. Many druidic rites […]

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