Shamanism is one of the worlds oldest (if not the oldest) religions and it’s been around about the same time as us humans. There are many cultural differences in shamanism, but the main things such as honoring the nature and working with it, spiritual work and healing are the same in all the cultures. Even […]

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Traditional witchcraft

In this article, we refer in to the polytheistic, traditional nature based witchcraft that has roots in Finnish shamanism and Celtic and Germanic cultures and has no name of it’s own. Traditional witchcraft doesn’t have a seminal work or stright rules – it evolves with the practitioner and may have many different forms of traditions […]

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Herb library

For centuries healers and witches have used products of the nature for several different purposes. Herbal products from the nature have been used both for healing as well as for charms and spellcrafting around the world. For example, garlic, although the most known herb from the Hollywood as a vampire repellent it’s origins as with […]

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