Goddess in the Mist

I find myself looking for you, my Goddess in the mist, I find myself longing for you, my Goddess in the mist, I find myself lost in you, the Goddess of the mist, And realize, that all this time, that I had spent looking for you my Goddess, I was walking right next to you, […]

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Gods and Goddesses

From in the early ages of man, people have always looked up in to the skies to look out for their gods and goddesses. People and their tribes have found their deities from several different places: Some have seen the burning bushes, others have heared the roaring of the thunder meaning their gods travelled in […]

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Feri tradition

Feri tradition or as some may call it, Faery tradition, is a neo-pagan religion that was found in USA in the 1940’s. The father and founder of Feri tradition is Victor Anderson, a blind shaman who saw Feri similar to Voodoo – a powerful and and quite primitive religion. Victor Anderson didn’t write books of instruction […]

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