Finnish horoscope

In finnish animal horoscope year is divine to the four seasons: Spring, summer, autumn and winter. These seasons are symbolied by their own animal with it’s own certain characteristics. The main signs of the seasons are wild boar, lynx, badger and a bear. Adition to this, a main sign is divided into four heart signs […]

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Finnish neopaganism

Finnish neopaganism is based on a Baltic-Finnish mythology that has been evolving for hundreds of years. It’s a polytheistic religion and the key things in this religion are nature, Finnish gods and goddesses and the ways of our forefathers. Important places for Finnish naopaganism are old sacred places in nature; there are many sacred places […]

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Traditional witchcraft

In this article, we refer in to the polytheistic, traditional nature based witchcraft that has roots in Finnish shamanism and Celtic and Germanic cultures and has no name of it’s own. Traditional witchcraft doesn’t have a seminal work or stright rules – it evolves with the practitioner and may have many different forms of traditions […]

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