In a nutshell You can share your knowledge and wisdom using this site to the thousands of people around the world. All can share your articles, poems or thoughs and for everything you share your earn Golden Pentacle Coins, or Gold Coins () to your accounts. Tell me more All registered TBoS users have chance […]

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Aura and colors

Following articles about the colors and aura have been written either by the permanent authors of the TBoS or other contributing users. They may be also found on the other areas of the site depending of their content. Currect articles about auras

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Site articles

Welcome to read the fine articles of the This section contains wide variety of articles concerning paganhood, paganism, society, life in pagan families, raising children in pagan families, living in the path of the witchcraft and several different kind of article modern pagans and witches encounter today. We are accepting all kind of articles […]

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