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Author Topic: Forum rules TOPIC CLOSED
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on: April 17, 2012, 09:04

Here at TheBookOfShadows.net (later defined as TBoS), few simple rules cover all forums and discussions:

Five golden rules are:

1. No profanities, insults, judgement, rasism or any kind of discrimination is allowed.

2. Everybody and nobody, including you, are wrong or right and heavy arguing of any subjects in this forum is considered to be just stupid and punishable.

3. Messages must be posted to their correct areas and categories without exceptions.

3a. New work of poem: Spamming gets you Banning.

4. You might be a high priest/priestess of your coven, but here, you are only a user just as all other users. Everybody is equal, except on certain occasions, see rule 5.

5. Administrator and moderators are kings and queens here: Do against they have instructed and you will be gone.

Doing against any of these rules will be punished by user account deletion or/and banning depending the severity of the misbehavior. In addition to rules above, any using of software or server glitches, security holes or bugs on purpose is reported directly to proper authorities.

Administration and helpdesk. If you need help, you can do following:

1. Check FAQ

2. Send a question about the matter using link below

3. For more private problems with accounts etc, send email
venditio (a.t) thebookofshadows (d0t) net

To send to a correct email address: Copypaste email-address to your email client and replace (a.t) with a @ sign and (d0t) with a dot from it. Also remove any occuring spaces.

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