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Author Topic: A Bit of Advice From An (Do I really have to use this word?) Elder in The Craft
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Post A Bit of Advice From An (Do I really have to use this word?) Elder in The Craft
on: September 3, 2020, 04:30

Hail and Welcome from Pan Ganesha! I am a Second Degree Witch and Priest in the Braided Wheel Tradition, an eclectic American Wicca Tradition. I have been studying the Craft for over 25 years.

My main concern about sites such as this one is the massive amount of misinformation and untruths involving Wicca - especially the use of spells on others without their consent, e.g. Love Spells, Spells To Make Someone Phone You, etc. Performing a spell WITHOUT getting the consent of the person(s) you are casting it on is a BIG no-no. The Three-Fold Law will return any energy you put into such a spell with negative effects three times the energy you cast the spell with. Do NOT perform spells on ANYONE without getting their consent. You wouldn't have sex with someone without their consent, and the same goes for spells and other forms of magic.

Anyone interested in learning about the Craft should start by reading books by respected authors, such as "Wicca For The Solitary Practitioner" by Scott Cunningham, "Real Magic" by Isaac Bonewits, "The Spiral Dance" by Starhawk, and "Evolutionary Witchcraft" by T. Thorn Coyle. Websites and YouTube videos can contain good information (e.g. Harmony Nice), but it can be hard for beginners to recognize reliable material from fabricated hogwash.

I strongly encourage you to read books by the authors listed above and do not take ANYTHING you read online (including this post) as being 100% accurate and true. Be wary of any book or website that has "guaranteed" love spells or ways to become rich overnight. Magic is a way to focus intent and call upon big energies to aid you, but all that will be meaningless if you don't take action in the physical world.

If you are under the age of 18 in the U.S., no reputable Tradition will teach you nor Coven invite you to join. If you are approached by a Tradition or Coven, they are trying to take advantage of you - possibly and probably sexually. There are predators in the Craft disguised as helpful people.

Do attend public rituals (or virtual ones during this pandemic) put on by local groups. If you can, get your parents involved. Some parents are great supporters for their children as they begin to explore their spirituality. Others are less than welcoming to the idea that their child wants to be a Witch. Read as much as you can - even if you have to hide books from your parents - but again, avoid ANYONE who says they will take you in and train you if you're under the age of 18. Don't fall for their lies. Stay safe and learn as much as you can so you can make an informed decision about your spirituality when you hit that "magic" age of 18. It can be very hard wanting to practice Wicca without the support of your parents. Know that you are far from alone.

Wicca can't make you more beautiful physically, but it can open up your worldview to the magic all around you in nature and everyday little things like the purr of a cat or the wagging of a dog's tail. This kind of work can make you spiritually and mentally beautiful, which is far more potent than merely having good looks.

Do your own research. Talk to people you trust about Witchcraft, Wicca, and magic. Look at reviews on Goodreads or read about the authors I mentioned and other "big names" in Wicca - Gerald Gardner, Doreen Valente, Raymond Buckland, Z. Budapest, Silver RavenWolf, Judy Harrow, and Margot Adler.

Forge your own path in the Craft. There's a whole world of magic awaiting you.

Blessed Be,

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