Gold coin rewarding utilizes a point reward system which enables users which have contributed accepted content to earn Golden Pentacle Coins (GPC ) according the fact how much they have done for their pagan community.

How to get gold coins

You can earn points on this site by using several different methods. Easiest way is to write to forum which earns you 1 per message.

If you want more coins, you can earn several them by:

In addition of above, you can improve almost any article on this site which will gain you more coins for every accepted chance you propose or article you write.

More information

All accepted contributions will be rewarded with GPC by the fact how much effort have users put into it: Few spelling corrections usually earn you a point or two, when addition of the content is much more valuable and earns you a lot of more coins. These coins are gathered into your user account and represent a fact how much you have contributed to your community.

Later we are planning of  adding more reward features in the format of discounts for certain pagan shops and other coins which can be redeemed with earned coins.

Please note: Gold coins () are not a real currency and cannot be changed or converted to a money.

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