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You can share your knowledge and wisdom using this site to the thousands of people around the world. All can share your articles, poems or thoughs and for everything you share your earn Golden Pentacle Coins, or Gold Coins () to your accounts.

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All registered TBoS users have chance to contribute their wisdom and knowledge to the sites in the format of the articles and pages on different kind of subject. Contributing to these pages helps all pagans, wiccans and witches alike in their paths and increases both good karma and several coins.

Contributions done will have a great meaning for all the members of the craft and will be greatly appriciated. The most active contributors will be shown both on the all-time top-10 list as well as with the contributors of the month list.  For less active contributors there is also top-50 list available so everyone has a chance to get their name visible.

Why to contribute offers you a free place to express your knowledge and opinions on several different subjects of the witchhood and we encourage our users to contribute their knowledge with the others. You have chance to distribute your knowledge and be a active part of the pagan world.

You will always retain all the legal rights to your article contributions and we will always honor your copyrights.

What do you get

For all your sharing, whenever it is forum messages, articles, poems or grammar/fact correction to existing articles, you will gain Golden Pentacle Coins or which are your spiritual assets in this site. Users can both competite and compare their coins and rankings as well as later possible redeem coins for different kind of purposes.

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