Ying and Yang

is forever satisfying balance of love and pleasure.

Poetic resonance is realizing that creation is our cherished treasure, and will be eternally appreciated through art, crafts, music, dance, and our senses that are eternally stimulated by our love and happiness.  To flow within love and pleasure is my medicine.  First we have perfect equality in the circle, but as movement arises, we multiply all love and pleasure by each other to create synchronistic measurements of balance with love and pleasure.  We start to create many diverse sub feelings of love and pleasure.  Some purely love and purely pleasure.  Other’s a mixture of the two.  For example, we can make happiness purely love, or make it purely pleasure.  We can also make happiness 80% love, and 20% pleasure, and so on.  You see the Divine Mother Pleasure, and the Divine Father Love can switch roles and be multi sexual beings.

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