Tribal Oasis

Our love is gifted in the arts and crafts is amazing grace brought to life in the eternal senses we have created for our many body conglomerations to rejoice in.  We feed off the Nirvana juices, and our bodies persist in every paradise in existence.  All interactions between good and evil are lovely, satisfying, innocent, and purely hilarious to all in existence, nonexistence and beyond.  We are permanently aligned to everything we enjoy and this survives for all of eternity.  We are blessed to experience the knowledge of the snake, which embodies all holiness and satisfaction brought to manifest in all of creation.  Our meditations lead to peaceful serenity that transcend into ecstasy. 

Gratitude is courageous, marvelous, inspired by pleasant glory.  Effervescent is the love of the land in wonderful luscious perfection.  We are eternally blessed, eternally youthful, and eternally sweet.  The God Imagination is the every inch of Nirvana Heaven Paradise loving every creation with tender love and care.  We sing, we dance, and we rhyme eternal pleasure for all without exceptions.  Our laughter fills the Heart, Mind, and Holy Spirit of Divine Union and thus reunion of all our Holy Dreams made manifest forever in the rejoicing sound of Archangel Mass.  The Archangel Mass is the technology of every Nirvana Paradise Heaven.  Every Angel is the highest deity.

With the sacred union of the God Avatar and the Goddess Alchemy we enjoy many creations.  We are the elements, and we orgasm with our divine power of ecstatic bliss.  The Earth has its special elements that can be seen from many angles.  One way is to take into account the four directions, which can represent anything we choose.  One way is the connection of air, thoughts, and the direction of north.  Another is fire, desire, passion, and the direction south.  We can also connect water and emotions to the west side. The fourth direction can be connected to earth, physical manifestations, and the direction of the east.  These are four potions made up of directions, emotions, feelings, and elements within the infinite amounts of possibilities we can be free in.  These directions may be rotated within space in any route possible, and may be changed to fit any given purpose.  Within these potions we can bring about many things like chemicals for example.  We can create infinite, diverse chemicals in the matrix of physics to match these four directional bodies.  Each chemical may be seen as a specific emotion that we love and enjoy.  We are able to create infinite enjoyable emotions in diverse patterns that can be seem as chemical interactions, and evolve into whole bodies, and planets.  When we create sound from our chemicals we create fun, and we can move our alchemical bodies to the rhythm of the God-Goddess Sound, and travel through our infinite creations with the purity of the Goddess Joy.  As avatars and alchemist we are able to manipulate ourselves in orgasmic bliss and experience sensations that resonate with the love of life we embody here with the God Time and Goddess Space forevermore.

Hilarious is the moon and the sun, radiating the colors of our infinite imagination, and creating pure love transformers, and programmers of every Paradise Heaven Nibbana.

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