Tiny Little Hero

Although it’s true we have never met,
You are someone I will never forget.
From what I’ve heard and what I know,
You sound like someone who loves to show
Her love for life and feelings so true;
You cheered people up when they were blue.
With all your courage and all your strength
You seem so willing to go great lengths.
I heard how accepting you were of your condition
And how willing you were to go on your new mission.
There are those like me who will hate to see you go.
And this is coming from someone you do not even know.
You always pull through
When push comes to shove.
You will always be remembered
By those you know, don’t know, and love.
You know we will always miss you;
Our love will always grow.
There is one more thing that I must say:
You will always be my hero.

I just thought you should know that every day
I’ll be thinking about you whenever I pray.

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