The Doors Open (2 of 5)

As he still looks on
The dark forest grows darker.
Yet the light he sees within grows brighter.
Almost as if the forest itself is making
Him feel more comfortable to enter.
Those who stand at the entrance to the dark
Forest wait for him to decide whether to enter.
Dusk falls upon the land.
The sky grows as gloomy storm clouds roll in.
A misty fog falls upon the dark forest.
Who's call is not so much a plea any more.
A cool, calming wind begins to play with the
Leaves at the entrance to the dark forest.
A rolling thunder begins calling out in the sky.
Not calling to him.
But making itself known.
As the wind plays with his hair
And the thunder rolls like drums in the sky
He prepares to make his first steps into
The vast unknown that stands before him.

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