Take the Journey (3 of 5)

As he walks the murky, tree-lined corridors
of the dark forest, he realizes it's not as
bad as it appears from the outside.

Many days have passed since he accepted
the mysterious invitation to enter the gates to
the unknown.

He has nourished the fruits from the
trees when the dark forest has them to offer.
He has quenched his thirst from the rivers
and streams and crisp ponds and lakes
as they pass through the dark forest.

And punishment does not follow any good deed.
Just as it shouldn't.

He has made a choice to leave his past behind him.
It is still a part of him, yes. But it has little influence
on him now.

He has left all his friends behind.
They wait for him at the entrance to the dark forest.
With the mystical powers among the branches of
the trees of the dark forest, he is able to call
any of his friends, his true friends, and they
will be standing at his side in an instant.
No matter how deep within the darkness he is,
they will be there.

Only those friends who allowed him
to enter the mists of the unknown are
able to enter with him upon his call.
Those who made futile attempts to force
him to conform to their needs wait
helplessly in the meadows of their own lives
While he endures the challenges within
the dark forest.

However, the dark forest does allow
others to enter the mysteries of its corridors
as it sees fit.

When it does, it calls to them.
It is up to them to enter or not.

Upon entering, they may choose to take a
different path.
Or they may take the same path he has.

All who are within the vast unknown are able
to help each other in their challenges upon
their call as well.

They help each other as they journey
on toward the light deep within the
tangled branches of the dark forest.

And the journey continues...

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