Rejected by the Dark Forest (4 of 5)

I have been on my own for a while now.
Rejected by the Dark Forest,
I walk alone.
The brilliant light shining from within
Has darkened to an icy core
Filled with emotionless hatred.
The loving songs which the skies once sung for me
Have silenced.
No more calming breeze runs through my hair.
Nor does the lightning dance in the sky welcoming me.
The thunderous songs of the heavens are quiet as well.
I now stand outside the gates of what was once
My sanctuary.
My place to run to when I needed comfort.
The quiet, starless night is still filled with
The cold, pale light of a full moon.
The gates of my former utopia have yet to close.
I hang my head and turn away.
Wondering if the Dark Forest will ever
Welcome me again...
(I search now for a new haven.)

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