Nothing Lasts Forever (3 of 3)

The dawning sun rises bright.
It engulfs everything in its beauty.
Including them.
They run through the grassy fields for as
Long as their legs will carry them.
then they fall.
They fall to the soft earth below.
Laughingly they roll through the grass like two children.
They are in love.
They have been in love since the first day their eyes met.
But in the far-off distance lies darkness.
A darkness which has no escape.
While light's escape is darkness,
Darkness has no escape.
The playful children stand,
Now terrified.
An icy wind blows their hair about
As night consumes day.
Lightning strikes the clouds aimlessly.
The youths flee in terror,
Holding hands for as long as they possibly can.
Without warning the darkness is silent.
They can no longer see each other.
They are lost forever in a world without light.

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