When I saw you for the first time,

I was sold.

Before you came to my life,

everything was cold.

Your eyes,

purely green and grey

never lie

they just tell me:

“I love you more

day by day.”

Your breath,

soft like a summer breeze.

Your touch,

tender like a magical kiss.

When we cannot see each other,

it tears me apart.

Makes me cry,

it almost

makes me want to die.

When we are together,

everything is clear.

Tears of joy drip from my eyes,

when we’re on each others arms.

I thank the Great Goddess every day

for leading you to me.

Never leave,


My undying love,

it holds your name.

– This poem is dedicated to witch craft and the most important person in my life; my significant other Sebastian. I love you Sebastian, my love. Thank you for excisting.


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