I Am Never Far Away (5 of 5)

Today I choose a beaten path.
A broken path.
Instead of a broken heart.
The doors are open,
Yet they slam in my face
And knock me down
Every time I try to walk in.
So today I choose to leave this place.
And yet I'm never far away.
For when I am welcome
To lend a helping hand once more
She need only call.
I can never truly leave.
Not now, not again.
For the beauty of the Dark Forest
Remains inside me.
I have also left a part of myself
With that same beauty
That was the light that shone from within.
I leave now to live the rest of my life.
But my ears are always open,
My hand will always extend,
My soul will always listen.
For when I am welcome to enter the Dark Forest once more,
It knows how to call me in.
From where ever I may be...

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