His Side of the Story (1 of 3)

Feelings of confusion consume him.
He does not know what to do next.
Should he be concerned?
Or should he be happy?
He is lonely.
He is lonely for companionship.
What is the next move to make?
The king is being checked
And there is no means of escape.
When will the answer come to him?
He is filled with feelings of disbelief,
Of misunderstanding.
As a cool breeze blows through his hair,
He thinks of her.
When can they next meet?
And why does he feel like he is doing something wrong?
What is the next step?
If it is the wrong step,
He will forever fall into a chasm.
Getting darker as he falls further,
He will forget everything that was once important to him.
He must meet her soon.
He is hungry.
His stomach growls for her company.
Feelings of confusion surround him.

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