Deep Dark Love

As I lye in poisoned darkness, I think of you. Though there are memories of hapiness and love, I cannot stop the suffocating reality, that you are no longer by my side. You tell me you have a new love. You are blinded by her fakeness, she does not love you. I love you, forever, always, and pure. I love you , until my last breath, which you own. I will not go, Heaven, Hell, or any other Realm. I will stay, and I will love you even in death. When they lay me out for all to see, come and kiss me in my poisoned casket, to lay my body to sleep. But I will still be by your side. Ever and ever, until the day comes when you sadly take your last breath. I will wait that day for you, for I know you will have felt my presnce, and that I haunted your thoughts. I love you with the heart of a lioness, strong, enduring, everlasting, and eternal. You have told me you love me, even though you are with someone else. When we meet in the darkness, and find each other once more, the Dark Prince knows of a deep dark, almost forbidden love, and will join us eternally.  Two souls bound together, In perfect love, in perfect happiness. I know not, how many seasons will pass, but I promise forever I will wait for only you.

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