Dark Forest Challenge (1 of 5)

He is looking.
He is looking so blindly
To find something that
Might not be there.
He is the only one who sees it.
Everyone else is blind to what he sees.
They say it is not there.
That it does not exist.
He stands alone.
With the support of his friends, he stands alone.
Along with those who respect his choice, he stands alone.
None shall follow him into the dark forest.
He sees beauty within.
He sees light within.
He sees a shred of truth within the branches.
They see darkness within.
They see danger within.
They see anger within, among the trees.
He sees them as well.
The light of his heart chases it away.
He shall go in alone.
If he chooses to walk that is.
They shall support him from the outside.
Armed with only his mind, he stands.
Gazing in toward the challenge that faces him.

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