A tear of happiness

Once in midsummer day

I walked my path

running away.

I sat on a rock,

felt the forrest around me,

it started to rain.

After that,

I felt no pain.

I closed my eyes,

raised my head a little.

I felt a warm hand on my shoulder,

heard a voice saying:

“you’re home my child,

fear no more.

We will stay with you

forever more.”

I opened my eyes,

and there She was.

So kind and tender,

pure love in Her eyes,

called Her-self:

“mother of nature.”

Then she raised Her hands,

raised her head.

Tenderly wanished in air,

golden dust tripping from her hair.

Moment wasn’t long,

but after that I knew:

I’d never be alone,

I’d always have nature beside me.

And on my cheek

fell a tear of happiness.

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