Voodoo is the most wide spread religion in the world, it has influences of shamanism and it’s most popular in Africa and in Caribian. In Haiti the voodoo (of Vodou as it’s called there) is in very powerful state; about 90% of the population in Haiti practice Vodou and it has been an official religion in there since 2003.There are many forms of voodoo and every branch has it’s own characteristics – we here tell just the main things about voodoo generally.

Main things in voodoo are healing, houngans (voodoo priests) and bokor (voodoo magicians). Houngan are priests that only practice healing and magic on behalf of good things and bokors know blac magic and curses – even though all of them are not evil or dark priests, they can do all  the same things as houngans – they just use adifferent kinds of magic than a houngan. So it’s all about the person what kind of a practitioner he or she is.

Zombies are a big part of voodoo, although not as the media knows zombies. In voodoo, the priests have a power to make a zombie out of a person by using a potion that slows down human body functions and can produce a coma-like state. Bokor priests have the antidote and the knowledge to return the person in to normal state of mind and body.

In voodoo the gods and goddesses are generally the spirits of deceased ancestors or the gods and goddesses of the African culture. Whichever the perception of gods is, in voodoo the gods and spirits have a great meaning and they are deeply respected. In voodoo, as in shamanism too, they believe that everything – even stones and plants – are alive and that in the nature there’s a lot of different kinds of spirits. In voodoo there’s also a lot of sacred places in the nature that can be used in ceremonys or just in honoring of the spirits.

Contrary to general beliefs, there’s not much black magic or dolls being poked with needles in voodoo.

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