Feri tradition

Feri tradition or as some may call it, Faery tradition, is a neo-pagan religion that was found in USA in the 1940’s. The father and founder of Feri tradition is Victor Anderson, a blind shaman who saw Feri similar to Voodoo – a powerful and and quite primitive religion. Victor Anderson didn’t write books of instruction on the Feri tradition, prefering to teach by word of mouth. He did, however, publish books of poetry. His wife, Cora, also wrote on the Feri tradition (Fifty Years in the Feri Tradition) and is regarded as having been a highly skilled kitchen witch.

Still in this day, there are no seminal works of Feri tradition. The practitioners still teach Feri and it’s traditions to others by word of mouth, as it was intended.

Key things in Feri tradition are the soul of the practitioner, which is believed to be split into three parts that one must learn to align. Feri tradition practitioners believe that they are human and will become Fairies as they grow spiritually. Their main deity is the goddess, and her companions, the twins. The gods are said to be neither male, nor female, and fairy is well known for its fluid view of gender and sexuality. Two other key concepts are the black heart of innocence, and the iron and pearl pentacles.

A well known practitioner was Starhawk, and her book The Spiral Dance gives a very general feel for the tradition, however it is not all Feri material. Feri practitioners are, by nature of their tradition, highly creative, and there are several branches related to it such as Compost Feri (which is Starhawks contribution), Vicia, Bloodrose, Draconian Pictish-Elvish, and Third Road.   
Feri is frequently mixed up with Wicca and even if there is many things in common, Feri tradition is a religion of it’s own and not a branch of Wicca.

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