Ásatrú isa natural religion that is based on an old viking age, Norse mythology and poem collection called Edda. Ásatrú was recreated in Iceland around 1970’s and is one of Icelands official religions.

Ásatrú is a polytheistic religion, so it has many equal gods and goddesses. In Ásatrú there is two main branches of gods/goddesses; The Aesir and The Vanir families. Most well known gods in Ásatrú are Thor (the god of thunder), Odin (the god of war and wisdom) and Freyja (the goddes of love, beauty and war).

In the Ásatrú mythology, there are nine worlds for different kind of beings. In Midgard lives the Menn, humans. In Asgard lives the gods and goddesses on Aesir family and in Vanaheimr lives the gods and goddesses of the Vanir family.

Jötunheimr is the homeworld for the Jötnar – the giants. In Alfheimr lives the Alfar, also known as the elves and in Hel lives the Nair, its the homeworld of the corpses of the dead. The Dvegar, dwarves, live in the world called Svartalfheimr.

There’s also Niflheimr, which is the homeworld for the primoridal element of Ice and Muspellsheimr, the homeworld for he primoridal element of Fire. All these worlds are held together by the Tree of Life, the Yggdrasil.

The main target in Ásatrú is to live a meaningful and good life. Individual freedom is important as is responsibility and there’s no written laws and commands in Ásatrú.

In some countries, foe example USA and UK, there are official organisations for people who practise Ásatrú.

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