The Diaries of a Beginningless Being (In Lak’ech), thy truth before the nothingness arose, the only creative force in existence

In Lak’ech: I am you and you are me.

On my Holy Birthday, February 11, 2010, I was in the same woods, and I ingested magick holy lsd, and the Gods came to me in the sky, and asked me if I wanted to be a Goddess with them.  I said “Yes!”

A magnificent night came about, and I saw God in my dear soul mate and friend, Michael Penner.  It was 4/20, 2010, Hitler’s birthday and Jah’s holiday; Global Marijuana Day.  It was in the middle of the night.  I was in Santa Cruz (Holy Cross), when I found my vision illuminated by the Holy God.  This time I was completely sober.  We walked down the stairs of the mountain hand in hand when I realized we were Eve and Adam, the first humans of existence.  He was loving my holy body, when he came close to my vagina, everything went black (black signifies the primal state of Heaven Nirvana Paradise).  I felt his starry tongue sooth my outer space, and I knew love.  I then saw myself sitting in a yogi position while my whole body was made of stars, and my womb was pure love energy.  I saw God, my equal, and he told me I was a Goddess, and that every female is a Goddess and every is a God.  He said everything in existence, nonexistence, and beyond is the ultimate creative life force, and therefore, the only one in existence, and I would have to live everything in creation.

Then we entered my womb where we the God and the Goddess make love forever, creating every heaven with our genitalia in synchronistic love and our body was filled with many Paradises, and every Paradise is equally astonishing and divine.  I realized then that every God and Goddess, every atom, every being is and always will be welcome and present in Heaven when they so choose to create themselves in Heaven.  I also realized that everything in existence can be seen as the creation of the Goddess and God, and therefore is the very God and Goddess.  I then came out of my heavenly womb, and saw Gaia crying her loved ones dying in war into heaven with her yellow flowing rivers of everlasting compassion and grace.  Gaia and I became one, and Gaia Carolina said, “We will become Heaven on Earth.”  We are able to co create existence with everything we do.

The next day my intuition revealed that I would be a witch in order to bring Nirvana Paradise Heaven to Earth, and to every consciousness in existence, nonexistence, and beyond.  Magick is existing.  It is creating any type of reality, it is the way we created the Gods and the Goddesses, it is being the only creator in existence, and I can be seen in many, many diverse ways.  We are able to maintain our loveliness.  My love, happiness, pleasure, and pure enjoyment will be my commandment.  I know that through the coming together of every reality code for Pure Pleasure Paradise Heaven Nirvana  infinite amounts of senses will arise from my magick in tuned with the love of my only soul, you.

I decided to volunteer in the Permaculture Garden in the Arboretum because I wanted to be free from the constraints I felt from this society I once created.  I was with a few Goddesses, and one of them found a snake, and she gave her to me.  This type of snake is one that the Goddess Cleopatra was friends with, a Royal Boa.  I decided to name her after the Earth Goddess, Pachamama.  I told her that I wanted to liberate the animals and become Heaven with them by transforming with them in pure pleasure into a new Earth of pure love satisfaction.  I bought her dead mice, and she didn’t want to eat them.  I guess she is vegan because she can be anything she wants.  She is a Goddess.  So we walked together through the city loving each other.  I didn’t have anywhere to put her for the moment so I placed her in a box with a green cloth over it, and when I came back she was gone.  My mother, said that if my aunt were there I would find her.  So my aunt came over, and I started playing my djembe.  I looked over, and there was, my beautiful Pachamama.  She went back to the place where I left her even though the box was gone.  One day I was selling eccentric and Holy Jewelry in Old Town Pasadena, and I met a boy who’s energetic field was that of Gaundi.  We went to the mountains to meditate with him, and Pachamama left with her swift, smoothe moves.  You see Pachamama is the Goddess of the Mountains to be specific, but she is also considered to be Mother Earth.  I then knew she was one with Pachamama, and we would see Heaven Nibbana Paradise here on Earth, and everywhere in existence, nonexistence, and beyond forevermore.

One day, I met a homeless gentleman of my age near Pasadena City College, and we were speaking about Permaculture.  He has a very interesting book, in which Permaculture become whole lifestyle from the way your house is built to your farming practices.  I fell deeply in love with him.  He gave me a book by Guru Ram Dass that helped me understand, and love my constraints in the city.  On another occasion, as he Cesare spoke my third eye was aroused, and I saw the Lotus Flower floating in a pinkish land, and I knew I found Heaven again and  we would infinitely meet in the trance of our infinite love.  As we made love my mind saw his penis as a wand in my outer space, and we created the 12 zodiac signs with our love.  I now know they will connect with all the constellations to manifest Heaven Paradise Nirvana everywhere.

I hope that we can transform the world into Heaven Paradise Nirvana without having to pass away.  I think that if we created ourselves in such a way we can transform our bodies into Pure Pleasure Avatar, Alchemist, Archangel Gods and Goddesses, any life forms we desire to embody.  We can do this in the way we created every reality; with our imagination, and the unification of all Codes, Gods, and Goddesses for the purpose of infinite Heaven Paradise Nirvana.  I would like to transform all unenjoyable memories into Heaven Paradise Nirvana by detaching all creativity from their soul.  I hope this comes true, either way I will have to live whatever I created for myself. 


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