Once a Christian, Now stuck in Between

I have been raised knowing that there was only one God. I have been told that me and my siblings could decide on whatever religion we believed in. I thought this true until it was actually tested. When I was a freshman in high school, I had to do a research project for my english class I chose the topic of witchcraft.

During my research, I found things that greatly disturbed me about the Christian life that I was leading. One of these things was a bible scripture. In the book of exodus, it states, “Thou shalt not suffer a witch to live.” I also read many discriminating blogs against the religion.

These elements, however, were not what pulled me away from Christianity as I do still believe it is a beautiful religion. Wicca pulled me away, it called out to me as I read more and more about it. It is so beautiful.

Unfortunately, Wicca did not fall under the ‘approved religions’ list that my parents had in mind when they told us to believe in what we wanted to. My mother told me that I could read about Wicca and study it all that I want but that I was not to pracice it under her roof. I love my mother and I understand that she is just trying to protect me, but I don’t particularly like being told one thing and then being told to do another.

So, I am currently stuck somewhere in the middle of Wicca and nothing. I hope to find my path soon and be able to practice as my heart tells me too.

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