What is color therapy

Color healing, or with more common name, color therapy also known as chromotherapy,  is a practice of healing the needs human body using different kind colors, lights and color-based enviroment to balance the inbalanced energies in the body.

Energies, as briefly described in what is aura - article, tend to vibrate in the certain spectrum of the color. By using certain colors of light it is possible to control and balance the specific unbalanced energies which can cause both sickness as well as emotional troubles.

The early mentions of the color therapy can be traced back to the 9th century when a Persian scholar named Avicenna (980-1037) who discussed the usage of the color therapy in publication called The Canon of Medicine. In this encyclopedia Avicenna wrote that colors can be observed as a sympton of disease as well as developed a map which color represented which sympton.

Later, the color therapy has been mentioned on several different occasions such as in the American Civil War General Augustus Pleasonton's book released in 1986 and in the Hindu sciencist Dinshash P. Ghadiali's book "The Spectro Chromemetry Encyclopaedia" released in 1933.

Body's energy centers (chakras)

As mentioned, color therapy is based on the color balancing body's energies with the corresponding colors. The colors of the energies and their energy-centers, chakras, are as described below:

The sevent chakra, Violet, is located on the crown of the head and it controls central nervous system, pituitary gland and celebral cortex. It is said to function as connection to universal energians and transmission of ideas as well as information.

Sixth charka, Indigo, is located on the middle of the forehad and it controls eyes and the pineal glands. It is said to be connected one's forgiveness, compassion and understanding.

Fifth chakra, Blue, is located on the throat and it controls throat, ears, mouth and hands. It is said to have connection with physical and spiritual communication.

Fourth chakra, Green, is located in the heart and it controls lungs and heart. It has connection with love and sense of responsibility.

Third chakra, Yellow, is located on solar plexus and it controls somach, liver and pancreas. It has strong connection with power and ego.

Second chakra, Orange, is located on genitals and it control circulation as well as reproduction. It's connected with emotions and sexuality.

First chakra, Red, is located on base of the spine and it controls kindeys, spine and sense of smell. It has connection with grounding and survival.

By controlling these chakras, the energy vortexes, one can easily tune and help the body's energy flows to flow either faster or slower, depending what is the goal of the process. Sometimes, the goal is to slow down a chakra (energy center) when it is too hyperactive, for example, in the case of the hypersexuality, a second chakra needs to be slowed down because it controls the sexuality and emotions.

Othertimes, chakras need to speed up, for example, in case of the aching feets it usually points out that blood circulation is not working well - This can be easied by speeding up the chakra which controls circulation, also the second chakra.

Basics of color therapy

The very basic and easiest way of controlling chakras is done by using colors to increase or to decrease the activity of the chakra by using colors which either share the same color as chakra (when boosting up) or the opposite color (when slowing downing). This has so called "long term effect" on chakra means that unlike done  by color therapy professionals, it does not have an instant effect but morealike effect which takes place in a longer perioid of time.

Both effects can be achieved wearing a a jewerly, clothes or other wearable items which either have same color as chakra or a opposite color. Also decorating your house with similar color definitions you can achieve same effect as with the clothing or jewerly. The general rule is that more the intensity and the amount of the color is, the more effective they are. Also wearing certain color in the area where chakra is located helps targeting the effect of the color.

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