Meditation as a way of Improving your Aura

Since everybody who is interested in Wicca knows what an aura is – It is the life energy emitted from our body. We all have auras emitting from our body, which attracts forces of nature for our well being.A strong aura can be achieved by meditation and feeling positive. With daily meditation we can make our aura positive. Plus it can be a by having positive thoughts.The more positive energy you have the more stronger your aura becomes. A proper meditation session of yours carried out in a peaceful place will enable you to have a stronger aura. I found that after having even two minutes of meditation session you can enhance positivity of your aura. This positive aura field effect your surroundings.
For meditation you can choose a peaceful place lit with a little dim light, if incensed with good perfume the better. And try to feel positive. The more positivity you have, the positivity you’ll spread. And this will make your aura stronger.

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