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TheBookOfShadows.net, or as defined with thebookofshadows.net or tbos.net, is a pagan and witchcraft themed social website aims at both social interaction between its users, discussion forum and good sized article base covering all areas of paganhood and craft.

All contents on this website are provided free and “as-is”, and most of it’s content has been contributed by several different users. Users have chance to join as a contributing member if they show genuine interest of doing so. We try to moderate contents of this site but because it is mostly user-generated, we cannot gurantee the quality of the contents.

Site is operated by the Coven of Tulipisara, a coven of traditional witchcraft, and it’s servers are located with-in professional hosting provider. Site is running under customized content management system using site-customized modules and codes.

Our staff at work

  • Venditio, head adminstrator and a general pagan
  • Unenkulkija, general moderator, technical management and support, trad. witch
  • Karhuntassu,  general moderator, article management, trad. witch
  • Sarppa, general moderator, solitary wiccan

About advertisiments

This site is all-free and for available for all users without limiting to religions or ideals. To provide you a free and unrestricted content, we are supporting the costs of our server and bandwidth with online advertisiments. We are also using all leftover income, which is not much, to support pagan community and to donate them to several different cases whenever it is to improve pagan networking, sponsor upkeeping of the pagan sites or some other ways to support the pagan communities.

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